The Perfect Color for a Classroom

The Perfect Color for a Classroom

It has been proven scientifically, that the classroom’s ambience affects the success of a student in the long run. From the condition of the building to the paint color we opt for in the classroom; these all play fundamental factors in the behaviors of students. With that being said, what colors should you consider your classrooms to be in for the well-being of the students?

First and foremost, the color you opt for should be decided on while considering the age of your students. Bright colors like yellow are perfect for giving smaller kids energy and happiness. Bright colored walls induce the participation and attentiveness of children who are in pre-k or even kindergarten. You can also use colors creatively in furniture throughout the classroom, to distinguish what areas are for play time and which areas are for learning. For example: Orange tables can be used in the area for drawing and warm blue chairs can be seen as the relaxing area where the child can read their favorite book.

For older kids, warm shades of green and blue usually do the trick in improving their productivity and attentiveness in class. Comfort is a feeling produced by these two particular colors. Green in particular is thought to be a stimulator towards creative thinking, psychologically speaking of course. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessary for you to match every aspect of the room in these particular tones.

Try to remember that the younger the child, the more preference there is to primary colors like reds, blues and yellows. Try not too over stimulate the child with the brightest options in the colors you pick. You can still pick a yellow, but instead of a vivid tone, opt for a softer touch.

Try to have fun with the colors you pick for your classroom, and you don’t necessarily have to stick to one specific color scheme. Play around with combinations, and maintain and organized classroom. You will be seeing the benefits in no time.

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