The Perfect Color for a Classroom

Color Psychology in Home Décor

Psychologists today tend to believe that the color scheme in your living space has an impact on the wellbeing of you and your family in one way or another. From impacting behaviors to moods, the wall color that we go for has a lot to do with how we feel at often times. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it is true! The color you opt for on your interior walls plays a key in your emotional health. Color experts and consultants stick to the opinion of figuring out what the primary use of each room is and then based on that you choose a color that best fits the description and use of the area. Today we will be going over different areas of your home and advising what color would go best.

Living Room

The living room is where we spend time talking about our day and watching our favorite TV series with our beloved family members. Psychologists agree that every living room should consider warm tones of red, beige, and even earthy browns. These colors in particular stimulate the action of conversation. These colors induce humans to connect with one another, which is perfect for a living room space.

Kitchen Space

Now the kitchen can be more of a tricky aspect to chew over, no pun intended. Experts say that if you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy, by all means you should stay away from a red kitchen. If you notice, restaurants everywhere use the color red openly because they are fully aware of how this color stimulates your appetite and hunger. But here is the thing; red is the perfect color for a dining room. It creates the perfect setting and ambience for conversation and the meals you prepare are enjoyed a lot more, making you seem like a far more experienced cook. Psychologists recommend for you to choose kitchen colors that remind you of the kitchen you spent time in as a child.


If you like the idea of having a bathroom that reflects cleanliness and at often times purity, accents of blue and white walls will do the trick. These colors play a huge role in your relaxation and feeling of ease. And plus, bathrooms now a days are not just used to wash up, they are seen as personal spas.

Try to keep these things in mind when painting around the house. What do you want the room to be used for and what color stimulates those actions? We’ll be back soon with more areas of your home and the appropriate shade of paint that psychologists recommend.

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