Winter: Protect Your Paint Job

Exterior Painting: How to Make it Last

If you are anything like me, I have attempted to perform exterior painting on my own just to possibly save myself a couple of bucks. But man, was I wrong. It took the hard way for me to realize that an exterior paint job had to be done by a professional in order for it to look good and last longer. In a matter of weeks I was looking at an exterior paint job that had faded, and even peeled in some areas. We don’t want this to happen to you, therefore here are some tips on how to make your paint job last longer.

To make your exterior paint job last longer, we highly suggest that you hire a trusted painting contractor. They are experienced in the field, and they know how these things work.

Other than that, or whether or not you decide to hire a painting contractor, something to never overlook is the preparation of the surface that will be painted. Many individuals have made the same mistake of painting over a surface that was dirty, flaky, or uneven. In order for your exterior paint job to last longer, you must prepare the surface by cleaning it and taking on the proper procedure. If you fail to do so, the paint will not adhere to the surface.

Another thing to watch out for while making your exterior paint last, is to pick out primers and paint that is oil based. Primers have the function of sealing and really putting the paint job together, while an oil based paint benefits you in other ways, Oil based paint provide a smooth and glossy finish, which is always nice, but furthermore this paint base makes for your paint job to be highly resistant to dirt and wear.

If you follow these simple but effective steps, your exterior paint job will last, guaranteed.

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