Keep Your Recently Painted Walls Clean

Keep Your Recently Painted Walls Clean

Some things are inevitable, among those inevitable things we have dirty walls. Whether we like it or not, our walls get filled with dust, dirt, and grime- - especially if you have energetic kids running up and down, a pet here and there who likes to place its dirty paws on the wall, and so on. The good thing about all of this is actually that there is something that can be done. Today we are going to teach you how to clean your painted walls so that you never have to deal with a dirty one again.

The first step towards achieving clean walls is quite simple. This methos is for cleaning walls that aren’t really that smudge filled, but instead have spider webs, dust, or anything along those terms. So, what you are going to want to do to clean that dusty wall is to pull out your vacuum cleaner and use that soft brush attachment it has. Many people overlook the use of that soft brush, but after you use it for gently cleaning your walls you will see how greatly it works. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably always resort to cleaning with that tool.

If your wall is far way dirtier than just dust- - we are talking about grime, smudges and scoffs- - then don’t worry that also has a solution. You can wipe down the wall with a microfiber rag, with water , and a detergent of your choice (we recommend any mild dish detergent). If you would rather cut to the chase and get a cleaner wall quicker, then you can always use erasing products for those sudged. A perfect example of a good magic eraser is Mr. Cleans, but like mentioned prior, use what you would like.

Take care of your painted walls and they’ll last longer. If they are peeled or faded0 – then it is time to call your local painting contractor.

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