Learn Why Paint Fades

Learn Why Paint Fades

You decided to take on some home improvements, and on the top of your to do list is change the color plastered on your interior or exterior walls. When it comes to home improvements, painting is perhaps one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of making a huge difference in both appeal and value. The sad part is when we begin to notice the paint job slowly but surely begin to fade away. Have you ever questioned as to why paint fades? If you have ever asked yourself that question, here are the main reasons as to why paint fades overtime.

One of the first main causes as to why paint fades is definitely sunlight. There is just something about UV rays that causes the color of your freshly painted walls to slowly wither away. You have to consider how much sunlight enters the particular room you had painted, or want to paint and then go from there. If you don’t want to use a curtain and enjoy sunlight, then consider using a sealer.

Choosing the right paint is also incredibly important if you don’t want the paint to fade as quickly as all the times before. You have to be especially thoughtful about the type of paint product that your purchase; there is so many to choose from: glossy, semi-gloss, oil based, water based, and a few others. You have to consider the humidity and moisture of a room like the bathroom and discard all paint products that wouldn’t last in there, for example, matte.

Lastly, your paint will fade slowly but surely if you did not prep the surface before you got the painting done. Because the surface was not prepares like it should have been, the paint will be less likely to adhere onto the surface. If you like to do two coats of paint, always make sure to let the first coat dry as it will add a prolonged effect to the color.

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