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Make the Interior Paint Last

When it comes to interior painting, we always want to have a beautiful color that ties rooms together, am I right? And when the color begins to fade out and look dull, we begin to ask what we could’ve done to make the paint last for a couple of more years. Well, no need to stress over dying colors, today we will be going over tips and tricks to make that interior paint look as vivid and stunning as ever and how make it last longer.

First thing is first, when trying to perform a new paint job it is crucial that you give the walls a good cleaning. Now you can use power washing services to thoroughly remove grime, or you can just simply use a stiff brush and a bucket of water to get the job done. The paint will not last long if there’s debris, dirt and grime on the wall. So the first thing to do is clean, clean, and clean! A clean wall will greatly improve paint adhesion.

If there are holes, dents, or damages on the walls you are going to want to fix those before trying to paint anything. It will turn into a chaotic mess if you try to paint over imperfections.

Primer is a great solution towards achieving a longer lifespan for your paint. Oil and latex primers usually do the trick. These are effective on majority of surfaces.

If you really want your interior paint to last, it is better to have it done by a professional. Skilled painters know how to deliver longer lasting finishes, and they can even add pigment to primers to make it look similar to the topcoat color. Ideally, the best solution is to have it done by a professional.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll notice the difference!

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