Water Based Paint VS. Oil Based

Water Based Paint VS. Oil Based

When it comes to our painting projects we are often torn between choosing water based paint or pil based paint. Throughout the years both of these paint choices have proven to have both their benefits and their drawbacks- - but which is better for your project and personal needs? If you are currently contemplating over oil based paint and water based paint, then you came to the right place. Today we will be listing some pros and cons of both choices- - potentially helping you make the best choice for your painting project. Let’s Begin!!

Water Based Paint Pros

  • 1. When we talk about water based paint, we are referring to paint that has low VIC. For those of you that don’t know what VOC IS, it is volatile organic compounds.
  • 2. Another advantage of water based paint is how it easily cleansed
  • 3. Water based paint is quick to dry off
  • 4. Water Based Paint is beneficial because it is resistant to cracking
  • 5. Water based paint doesn’t yellow over time.

Oil Based Paint Pros

  • 1. Oil based paint is beneficial because it adds a more attractive touch to a wall with its high gloss.
  • 2. Oil based paint creates smooth finishes on surfaces
  • 3. Oil based paint creates a durable finish
  • 4. Oil based paint is resistant to stains

Water Based Cons

  • 1. Water based paint requires more than one coat, meaning purchasing more paint cans.
  • 2. Water based Paint doesn’t last as long as other options, meaning you will probably have to paint again sooner than later.

Oil Based Cons

  • 1. Oil Based paint has a high levels of organic compounds.
  • 2. It causes health and environmental concerns
  • 3. The smell of oil based paint is stronger
  • 4. Oil based paint can be brittle and crack

Now that you have this information, what paint product will you choose? Comment below!

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